Seeking to preserve your traditional wood windows? You might consider installing new wood storms to boost the efficiency of these openings and improve overall comfort in your home.


Unlike many other wood storms, the frames of ours are all fabricated from select, decay-resistant solid lumber and all joints are reinforced to ensure your new windows will last for many years. High quality waterproof glues are used in the fabrication process and all exposed surfaces and edges are sealed immediately after assembly to keep moisture at bay.

Traditional Appearance, Yet Functional

Wood storm window-exterior view
Combination wood storm window – exterior view
Combination wood storm window with screen panel
Combination wood storm window – screen panel

Our approach uses the frames outlined above, which while having a traditional appearance, incorporate interchangeable screen/storm panels that do away with needing to keep on hand (and change) separate storm and screen windows. Glass panels fit into the frames, which are specifically made for each one of your home’s windows. These panels are easily removable from the inside of the building, allowing insect screens to be installed in their place during warmer months.


Attention to Detail

Installation of wood storm windows is often an overlooked, yet crucial part of their performance. CWDS uses only stainless steel hardware and fasteners to secure the wood storms that we install.

This translates into improved durability and the assurance you’ll never have to deal with lesser quality materials rusting or staining your beautiful windows. We’re also careful to allow the primary window to drain. Too often, installers treat storm windows as a dam, which can lead to a host of issues, including rot and decay.

Milling lumber for storm windows

Finally, we prime/paint any raw edges left by the fitting process on all the storms we install. This single effort can increase the lifespan of a window by years – or even decades.