Custom Wood Entry Door

Rotted Entry door
Old door -severely rotted

Challenge: The owner of this Lincoln Park home had a door that was rotting to the point it was literally falling apart. This was the third door in the past 15 years to fail and he was determined to find a long lasting solution to the problem. Since this door is exposed to harsh conditions, it was critical the new one be constructed and installed with care and attention to detail. To complicate matters, the door was not a standard size in either width or thickness, so using a stock door was out of the question.


Being that the new door would need to be custom made, the first decision centered on selecting the best material for the application. We settled on Accoya, a modified wood in which a process called acetylation creates characteristics that enable it to resist rot and decay for decades.

Custom brickmould detail
Brickmould profile

Custom brickmould was also milled to match the existing profile on the home. As if that weren’t enough, a new frame and transom were also created from Accoya.
With the components fabricated, we installed the door and surrounding trim, paying special attention to the water-shedding details, such as proper flashings, that had been omitted from the previous installation. We took our time to ensure the smooth operation of the door while also making sure it had a good seal all the way around to ward off those chilly Chicago winter winds. The final touch was the installation of the interior trim, called casing, which we also custom milled to match that found throughout the house.
The client was extremely happy with the results. He liked how we maintained the look of the door, as well as its substantial heft.


Complete front entry door