Perhaps more than any other exterior element, entry doors allow you to express your creativity. Even the simplest doors can be personalized through the use of decorative glass or the installation of unique hardware. Since it would be practically impossible to list all the various option combinations, we invite you to browse some of the links we’ve provided to get a feel for what’s possible. When you’re ready, please don’t hesitate to contact us for personal assistance in selecting a door that meets your desire and to provide assistance in finalizing details that will enhance it.

Baldwin Entryset

Hardware – There seems to be an almost dizzying number of manufacturers for door hardware these days. We’ve provided links to some of the ones our customers seem to prefer.

SchlageFunctional, durable, and affordable 

EmtekA wide range of styles and finishes, not inexpensive, yet generally not cost prohibitive

BaldwinScores of choices, premium pricing

Rocky Mountain Hardware – Unique, beautiful, and also premium pricing

Glass – Both Simpson (wood doors) and Therma-Tru (fiberglass offerings) have numerous choices for glass. Whether you’re seeking obscured art (decorative) glass or one of the simpler opaque options, they can be viewed here for Simpson and here for ThermaTru.

Wood Species – If a wood door is on your mind, you’ll have quite a number of species to choose from. Simpson has a nice door viewer on their site that allows customers to not only see the various woods, but to compare/contrast their appearance.

Pre-finishing – An emerging trend in the door business, pre-finished products make a lot of sense. They reduce construction time, negate the need for a professional finisher, and since they’re applied in controlled conditions, are both predicable and durable. Both Simpson and ThermaTru offer pre-finishing on pre-hung doors only.

Fiberglass Entry Door
Therma-Tru Entry System

Sidelights/Transoms – Q: When is an entry door not an entry door? A: When it’s combined with a window above (transom) or a side window(s) (sidelights). In these instances, those combinations turn the assembly into an entry system. Both transoms and sidelights allow for more natural light, but were you aware they can also be operable, thereby improving ventilation as well? They come in a variety of sizes and configurations, from matching to complementary of the door you select.

Screen and Storm Doors – Though the terms are often used interchangeably, a screen door is actually just that – a simple hinged frame (typically made from wood or aluminum) that holds a screen. A storm door consists of a (usually heavier duty) hinged frame (again, made from either wood or aluminum) and a storm panel made from tempered glass. More often than not, the door is configured in what’s referred to as a combination style, meaning that both screen and storm panels can be interchanged within the frame depending on the season.  Most screen and storm doors are aftermarket affairs, fabricated from either aluminum or wood.  Larson makes very durable aluminum storm doors and we recommend them without hesitation.