Why Installation Matters

Even the highest quality windows and doors will suffer problems if not installed correctly. Though door/window installation isn’t rocket science, there IS a surprising amount of science behind a proper installation. As always, the devil is in the details. As specialists we’ve been studying these details for decades and know that our reputation is based on getting them right – the FIRST time. This is why we:

  • Only specify and install products and materials that have a solid track record of success. We’ve been asked to solve ongoing problems for customers where we’ve seen firsthand what happens when a product fails. Such failures often have a catastrophic impact on the building. It’s far better not to roll the dice with questionable products, many of which are drafty, problematic to operate, or in the worst cases may even leak.
  • Use a great deal of care when it comes to installing anything, particularly on the exterior of a building. We are careful to prepare properly all openings that receive windows or doors. This preparation generally includes installing sill pans under the units themselves. This assures that any moisture that may somehow make its way into an opening (when a piece of siding blows off, for example) will not damage the interior of the building or the surrounding structure.
  • Incorporate air-sealing details into installations. Perhaps you’ve heard people that have recently had doors or windows installed complaining that they can still feel drafts. We’ve encountered (and solved) these issues for others as well. Invariably, the cause was the omission of a continuous air barrier around the units. The time to get this detail right is during the installation process and we strive to ensure your new windows or doors are as efficient as possible, which will contribute to your overall comfort.

Carpenters vs. Installers

One of the things that sets CWDS apart from other window/door companies is the fact that in an industry that relies more and more on “installers”, we employ trained, highly talented carpenters. What’s the difference, and how does it affect you, you might ask? In a nutshell, carpenters tend to be skilled problem solvers that understand not just windows and doors, but surrounding and interconnected elements such as siding, trim, framing, and flashing details. This means our installations are seamless and you can be assured that no matter how complex your project may be, we have the necessary skills to handle it.

By contrast, many installers, especially those from companies offering multiple services, may repair a roof one day, hang gutters the next, and install your windows the day after that. And while they may understand basic window or door installation, most are not well versed in how to mill trim, repair siding, or on the various flashing and air-sealing details mentioned previously. If you’re contemplating window or door replacement, be sure to ask the company you’re considering about the skill level of those actually performing the work – and have them show you some examples of it. Poorly installed doors and windows are often difficult and expensive to fix. Understanding the skillset of those handling the project will go a long way towards ensuring the job will be done correctly the first time.