Historic Millwork & Carpentry Services

Custom jamb detail to match original
Replicated Frame & Panel Door Jamb

While we provide and install ready-made components from leading door and window manufacturers, CWDS is at heart a carpentry contractor. We like nothing better than to create beautiful pieces that do justice to and retain the integrity of vintage/historic buildings. Over the years we’ve executed many unique projects that some of the “Installation Only” window/door companies simply weren’t able handle. Our talented team has decades of experience and is equipped with the capabilities to create custom entries, unique doors and windows, and replicate or reproduce vintage trim details.

Rebuilt Casement Sash
Rebuilt Casement Sash

We believe that providing our customers with services that create a one stop solution to their door, window, and millwork issues makes for a better overall project. It also takes away the hassle of needing to find multiple competent, qualified contractors. 

We understand that owning a vintage or historic home often presents a unique set of challenges, and we’d be happy to assist you in solving them.  

Interior Trim & Sliding Doors
Interior Trim & Sliding Doors

Some of our carpentry services include:

  •  Custom trim and mouldings (both interior and exterior)
  •  Wood window sash
  •  Interior and exterior doors in custom sizes, species and shapes
  •  Millwork, casework, and stair parts