Arched Top Storm Windows

Challenge:  The owArched top storm windowsner of this house had searched for a craftsman that could recreate the failing arched top storm windows that were a prominent feature on the façade of his home, yet time and again he was unable to find a company to undertake such a custom task.


Solution:  CWDS was up to the challenge.Arched top window - in progress After making templates of the openings, we fabricated new frames out of cypress – a very durable, rot resistant wood – in our shop. We not only matched the original shape, but also the size and profiles of all the components. Once assembled, we glazed the new units with tempered safety glass, then pre-finished them and installed them in their locations.

The new panels are indistinguishable from the originals, which had lasted 80+ years. We believe the new ones will last at least as long.