Traditional Appearance, Yet Functional

Wood storm doors, which for a century or more were common in most houses, fell out of favor for several decades. In their place went cheap aluminum facsimiles of doors that, let’s face it, did little to improve the appearance of most of the buildings into which they found themselves being installed. Fortunately, wood storm doors are seeing resurgence these days, as they’re “rediscovered” by those wanting their storm to be as beautiful as their entry door.

Hand crafted wood storm doorsDurable

All of our doors are constructed out of solid, decay-resistant woods such as white oak and mahogany for both beauty and durability (unlike the pine doors being offered in some circles). And since every door is custom made to fit your house, you have quite a bit of flexibility in regards to design. Whether traditional or whimsical, a wood storm door is a great way to accent your entry while at the same time conserving energy.

Attention to Detail

But performance doesn’t stop before reaching your doorstep; our approach to installation includes fitting the door to the opening through a process known as scribing. This ensures a proper fit while also minimizing drafts that may make themselves known if the door is too “loose”. Installations also incorporate solid brass or stainless steel hinges, which have a long service life and won’t seize or rust like cheaper ones. A handleset in the color of your choice and a heavy duty pneumatic closer finish off most installations.Installation of wood storm door