Historic Wood Window Replica

Historic wood window -before
Casement Sash – before
Historic Wood Window Replica
Replicated Casement Sash


This 1930’s era house had been the victim of a remodeling that stripped the living room of much of its character, including the 2 inswing casement windows flanking the fireplace.

Solution: Since the original sash had been so badly damaged during the remodeling attempt, they proved unusable. In their place we installed newly replicated wood casement sash, which we fabricated to match the originals. One change we made was to build the new sash out of a lamination of white & red oak rather than pine, which was originally used. This approach allowed us to expose a more durable & decay resistant wood to the exterior (white oak) while matching the red oak woodwork found on the interior. We also fabricated custom combination screen/storm panels out of cedar. These combination storm windows are mounted to the exterior of the house, yet the interchangeable glass & screens are easily accessed from the interior.