Challenge:  What to do with the hole left in a wall following the removal of an air conditioner?

Solution:  Install a new custom art glass window.

After this 19th century house met the 21st century and received central air conditioning, the ugly through the wall air conditioner became obsolete and an energy wasting problem.  Removing the old a/c was easy, but patching the hole seamlessly on both sides would have required several skilled trades and cost a surprising sum.

Making the best of an opportunity, the owners had us custom fabricate a new window sash to fit the hole left by the a/c.  We took great care to build a sash that would not only be durable, but energy efficient as well, thanks to its outer pane of insulated glass. A local skilled glass artisan created a wonderful piece of stained glass and we installed the whole assembly in the client’s master bedroom, where instead of an eyesore they now have a shining focal point.