Back to the Original

Challenge: The original windows that graced the front 2 story bay of this home – known as “The Tarzan House” for its onetime resident, author, & originator of the Tarzan series of books, Edgar Rice Burroughs – had long since vanished, replaced with casement units that were of both poor quality & installation. The windows had leaked badly, damaging the interior finishes & surrounding trim.

Solution: The current owners of the property had a photo of the property dating to the early 1900’s, possibly taken when Burroughs lived in the house. The photo clearly showed the original windows were double hung units, rather than the leaky casements we were contracted to replace. The owners’ desire was to restore the original appearance, but since the building is in a historic district, any alterations required approval by the committee overseeing the district. An application was made with the Village of Oak Park, who quickly gave their approval of the project. We ordered & installed Marvin Clad Ultimate Double Hung windows in all the openings, but only after taking proper precautions that the openings were prepared properly to ensure a durable installation. The new windows look as if they’ve always been there!