Patio Door Manufacturers

In an era of disposable products, including some windows and doors, we’ve decided to take a stand and are committed to only supplying and installing products that are designed to last. If you’ve shopped for doors or window before, you’ve no doubt encountered suppliers that offer numerous products from various (and sometimes dubious) sources. CWDS believes in only providing and installing products we’d be willing to put in our own house; if we don’t have confidence in it, we won’t recommend or install it.

To that point, we have the utmost confidence (as well as a long track record) with products from Marvin Windows and Doors. Established in1939, they have been regularly recognized as a trusted manufacturer of durable, historically accurate windows and equally beautiful (if slightly less historic) patio doors. All their products are covered by a lengthy warranty backed by a solid company that we can vouch does the right thing by their customers.

Whether one chooses Marvin’s Signature series (aluminum clad/wood units) or Marvin’s Elevate series (wood/ fiberglass doors), their offerings can be easily serviced, should the need ever arise. We understand that new windows and doors often represent a significant investment, and that investment should be a sound one. When shopping for doors or windows, be sure to ask the contractor whose product(s) are in his or her house.

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