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You often hear phrases like ‘Great Customer Service’ and ‘Family Owned’ bandied about, but what do they really mean? We prefer to talk about creating a personalized experience for our clients because it truly represents our approach to solving your door or window issues.

Some of our customers have referred to our approach as “boutique”. They see that we’re a small operation offering highly specialized products, that we tailor-fit them to their home, and that we give the personal service that they’d expect shopping in an upscale boutique. We believe this level of service is warranted, as replacing windows or doors is not something you do every day.

You may be thinking “Windows are just windows, what’s the big deal”? While replacing them sounds simple, we know that every job is truly unique. Selecting windows and doors is akin to buying a car — there is a wide range of options available, including materials, sizes, styles and features. We do our best to make the selection process easy and right for your home. To that end, we understand that every project is unique and we do our best to tailor the solution to the situation.

New windows/doors often represent a significant investment and we owe it to you, our customer, to walk you through all the features and options before you make a decision you’ll be living with for decades or even generations.