From Rot to Not – Fiberglass Entry Door Replacement

Challenge:  The entry door to this building in the Bucktown neighborhood was severely rotten, having failed in less than 10 years. Poor quality materials and workmanship contributed to its quick demise, so the association turned to us to specify and install a new entry system.

Solution:  We specified a fiberglass door from Therma-Tru, which has very good insulation properties, thanks to its foam core. And because its fiberglass skin is so tough, it won’t chip, dent, or rust like the steel door it replaced.

A durable door needs an equally tough frame, so we specified one from Frame Saver. Most wood frames are prone to rot and decay along the bottom portion of their vertical ‘legs’, where snow and rain are constantly soaking them. Frame Saver jambs incorporate a composite material that is impervious to moisture. This means the frame will often outlast the door instead of the other way around

To finish the installation off, we installed new decay-resistant exterior trim, repaired the etched glass transom, and installed l quality hardware on the door.